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United Christian Church


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Detroit, Michigan 48228


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We hope you are considering visiting United Christian Church. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered on this website. You can contact us at (313) 273-3200 .


What kind of church is United Christian Church?

United is a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation. We are a part of a mainline denomination, with roots in the Second Great Awakening (early 19th Century, American Revival movement). We are an urban, African American congregation, open to all races and social classes. With help from the Spirit, we preach, teach, and live by the Holy Scriptures. We are not afraid to talk about issues that affect our lives - whether those issues be salvation, stewardship, racism, sexuality, singleness, marriage, crime, poverty, philosophy, politics, gender equity, addiction, unforgiveness, etc.


Our worship is structured, yet encourages freedom of expression.


What happens in your church services? Each week, we sing, pray, greet, preach/teach/study, and we gather at the Lord's Table for Communion.




What is appropriate to wear?

Some of our members wear suits and dresses to church, while some wear jeans, and other casual attire.


Do you have something for my children? We have Children's/Youth Sunday School classes, and we have a Children's Church Ministry which meets every Sunday in our educational wing.


Is there a Childrens' Sunday School before the worship service? Yes 



How do I Join and become a member of United Christian Church?


Adults may join by coming forward after the sermon and confessing belief that Jesus is the Son of God. If you have never been baptized before, you will become a candidate for baptism, and we will schedule a Sunday (preferably the following Sunday) for your baptism. It is our practice to baptize by immersion.


If you (adult or child) have been a baptized member of another congregation/denominatioin, you may also join our congregation by reaffirming your faith in Jesus Christ and expressing a desire to unite with us, after the sermon. You will not be required to be baptized again. We will honor your past baptismal commitments to the Lord and include you in a New Members' class.


Youths, who want to join, are encouraged to talk to parents/guardians first. Though there is no certain age requirement for membership, a child must be old enough to understand the basic tenets of the Christian faith and what it means to be a member of a local congregation. Again, all who join us will be invited to attend our New Members' Classes.


BABY DEDICATIONS: We also practice infant/baby dedications for parents who want to commit their children to the workings and protections of God's grace, with the hope that their child will be engaged in future ministry.


Can I submit a prayer request? Yes. There are several times during the week that we gather to pray for various prayer requests. Every fourth Saturday, a group of intercessors meet for the specific purpose of praying for our members and prospective members. If you desire, we will include your request as part of our prayer focus. Please contact the church number listed above.


 Is your church wheel chair accessible? Yes

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