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    Our Vision and the Five Ministry


Purposes of the United Christian Church of





Vision: The vision of the United Christian Church of Detroit is to be a growing, Christ-centered church, committed to restoring lives; a church for all age groups where Jesus provides the message and Nehemiah provides the method for our ministry.


As we live into this vision, with the help of the Spirit, we do so by building up the five New Testament pillars of our ministry :

The Five Main Purposes of United Christian Church  


                I.          WORSHIP: The Purpose of our worship is to UNITE all people in an authentic, excellent, experience of worship that blesses the heart of God and God's people. We love to praise God with gospel songs, traditional hymns, comtemporary praise choruses, on the organ, piano, drums, guitars, horns, etc. Above all, our goal is Spirit and Truth worship that pleases the Lord - John 4:24.


              II.          EVANGELISM/PUBLICITY:  The Purpose of our evangelism is to UNITE the un-churched with the gospel of God's love, by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and the events of our congregation. The goal is to help save individuals, families and communities. As we share this kind of witness, we believe that God’s church and kingdom will grow.


             III.            MISSION/OUTREACH: The Purpose of our outreach ministry is to UNITE our faith with our works by making our Christ and our church the center of our neighborhood village. We seek to do this by reaching out through acts of charity, advocacy, and social justice.



      IV.    FELLOWSHIP: The purpose of our fellowship is to UNITE    people with the life pulse of our congregation, through  events and activities that are designed to create a warm, Christ-centered, African-influenced, village of faith.     



             V.           DICIPLESHIP: The purpose of our Discipling ministry is to UNITE our study of the Bible, with our theological beliefs, and our cultural history; this integration should effect how we live for Christ today. The way we achieve this is through a Christ-centered, Bible-based, Sankofa-sensitive, educational process which is designed to grow strong Christians of all ages. 


               SANKOFA Educational Emphasis. We believe that it is important to teach our religious and cultural history. The Sankofa is a West African symbol of a bird walking agressively in one direction while looking back. From this, African Americans and all peoples, can learn that sometimes, in order to move forward toward our destiny in God, we have to look back to our history to retrieve that which is valuable. This intentional "remembering" is what God had Moses and the Hebrew Elders to implement for their community - see Duet. 6).






RETRIEVING THAT WHICH IS VALUABLE FROM THE PAST, FOR THE FUTURE! Under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, the philosophy behind the West African Sankofa Symbol informs our Christian Education and the process by which we make disciples of Jesus Christ.
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