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Calling All Youth! Our Vacation Bible School is Ready to Go! Our theme is, "Glow for Jesus: Let Your Light Shine!" Matthew 5:16. Beginning Monday, August 7th, thru Friday, the 11th. 9AM, to 12 Noon. Fun, food, and faith



Though the main events connected with celebrating and commemorating this important event in Detroit's ecclesiastical history concluded in early April, we are still basking in the afterglow and grace of knowing that God has been with us, and has used us to save, reconcile, and heal countless people, especially Detroiters of African American lineage, since our congregation's birth, in 1937. This anniversary milestone is giving us the space, and a marker in time, to reflect upon what God has for us next. So this year, more than any other in recent history, is our time for prayer, discernment, and joyous anticipation, as we seek to discover what the Lord desires us to accomplish in Detroit and beyond, for the next eighty years, if "the Lord tarries," as some of the older preachers say in our tradition.

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