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Calling All Youth! Our Vacation Bible School is Ready to Go! Our theme is, "Glow for Jesus: Let Your Light Shine!" Matthew 5:16. Beginning Monday, August 7th, thru Friday, the 11th. 9AM, to 12 Noon. Fun, food, and faith

Welcome to the United Christian Church of Detroit's website. It is designed to help you to learn more about the wonderful things the Lord is doing in our faith village.


What kind of congregation is the UCC of Detroit? We are a predominantly African American congregation located on the westside of Detroit, Michigan, and are affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We are very intentional about exalting Jesus Christ, serving our community, and celebrating our African American history and culture. But no matter your denominational or cultural background, you are invited to become a part of what God is doing in our community. 





VBS!!! VBS!!! VBS!!

On August 7, @9:00AM, we will have a great time as we "Glow for Jesus: Let Your Light Shine!" which is our theme, from Matthew 5:16. Youths and parents come out for a week-long worth of food, fun, and faith development! Elder Gloria Hall is the coordinator for this ministry event. If you need more information please call the church's phone number, located just to the left of this announcement.


This Summer We are Focusing on Enhancing our Worship Experience. For the last few summers, our congregation has engaged in several dynamic ministry offerings for the community. Key among these have been our big Juneteenth Community/Neighborhood Gatherings, and our Rites of Passage Program - The Daughters of Imani, and the Young Lions. Given several factors, we have had to suspend these offerings until this Fall and next year, when we hope to re-engage in a more powerful and efficient way. This summer our fous is on making aspects of our worship service more dynamic and contemporary. To compliment and broaden the scope of our traditional worship services, we are incorporating a new praise team, led by musicians (gifted members) who are introducing a newer praise style that will better speak to a younger demographic. Along with the addition of our praise team, the preaching over a good portion of the summer will center on those basic, biblical truths designed to help us to find our place in Christ, in the Church, as we learn the criticality of serving, and helping to save our communities! For weeks we have been studying, How to Build Ministry on a Firm Foundation. The letters of 1 and 2 Peter are providing the theology for the renewing of our minds!








As we make our way through 2017, we have been celebrating our 80th Anniversary as a congregation.  Though the main events connected with celebrating and commemorating this important event in Detroit's ecclesiastical history concluded in early April, we are still basking in the afterglow and grace of knowing that God has been with us, and has used us to save, reconcile, and heal countless people, especially Detroiters of African American lineage, since our congregation's birth, in 1937. This anniversary milestone is giving us the space, and a marker in time, to reflect upon what God has for us next. So this year, more than any other in recent history, is our time for prayer, discernment, and joyous anticipation, as we seek to discover what the Lord desires us to accomplish in Detroit and beyond, for the next eighty years, if "the Lord tarries," as some of the older preachers say in our tradition.

The American Church in Black & White

Pastor Bryant has published a new book! The American Church in Black and White, is a must read for anyone who wants to know how Sunday Morning became one of the most segregated hours of the week; and what we can do to help realize God's desire for unity. Along with a terrible legacy of racism and slavery, three of our biggest hurdles are 1) Worship Preferences, 2)Differing Views of Ministerial Authority, and 3)the Different Ways, Blacks and Whites Approach the Scriptures. Pastor Bryant chronicles how two churches emerged in America. He takes the reader on a journey from North Africa and Europe to the shores of America. His book is filled with many poignant stories about his experiences of serving in multi-racial contexts, practical spiritual advice, and in depth theological reflection. Order your copy from, or

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